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'Saucy French Letter Editor'...  

Sample letters with an easy way to type  French  characters

Gardeners' Seed Database  NEW

French Characters Toolbar

¡Hola! Spanish Character Editor.  ... simple editor for typing Spanish characters with letter endings and a few extra phrases.

Click below to see a video demo of the Spanish Character Editor

Ola! Spanish Character Editor video tutorial at downloadtube.com 

 Chaucer's Wife of  Bath:  Study Guide Software

Customisable List Program

For a small charge, we will customise this program for your own lists and with your own graphics.

Details on application.

NEW 'To Do' Program a convenient and simple To Do list maker


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Lottery Diviner LOTTERY DIVINER for Windows: V1.02            Download Lottery Diviner NOW (It's FREE!)

@copyright Mousseaux Software PLC, France
email: holidays@loire-gites.eu
Tourism Website: www.loire-gites.eu

Welcome to 'Lottery Diviner', a lottery number creation program which uses the ancient mystic art of numerology to create lottery numbers which coincide with the cosmic vibrations which relate to you and the people and things in your life.


As you know, you have only a tiny chance, something like one in forty million, of winning the average 'national' lottery. You have an even smaller chance of winning something like the Euro Millions lottery.

Nevertheless, millions of people spend at least £2 a week buying a ticket, and polls have shown that a large percentage of people illogically believe that one day they WILL be a winner, despite the odds.

Of course, SOMEONE is a winner most weeks, whatever the odds. People go to great lengths to pick their 'lucky numbers', using a pin, using dates of birth, house numbers, registration numbers etc to influence their choice.

BUT there is a far more methodical and scientific way of choosing the lucky numbers which should increase your chances of winning. This is to use the ancient, mystic craft of NUMEROLOGY.


'Lottery Diviner' collects 'positively charged' information from you, such as names, dates of birthdays, pets' names, things with positive connotations in your life. It is important NOT to input data about things you dislike or things which have been associated with bad luck, such as the registration number of a car in which you had an accident!

'Lottery Diviner' converts each datum into its 'numerological coefficient' which it stores within the program. The more information you input, the more numerological positivism is created. Finally, when you have entered all the information you wish, it uses these data to create an algorithm which seeds a series of 'random' number generators.

What recent scientific theory has shown is that there is no such thing as 'random' events in the quantum world. The resulting output is in fact influenced by the numerological influence of the positive 'karma' in your life.


Of course, we can't guarantee that this program will win you the lottery. But what we believe is that it will substantially improve your chances, if you follow the 'rule' of inputting only those names, places, dates and other information with positive connotations.

That is why we are making it available as 'Freeware'. It never expires and doesn't have 'nag' screens asking you to pay up or register it.

Please distribute it freely to your friends and relations.

However, should it help you to win a really big prize, then please at least let us know.
You can email us at : holidays@loire-gites.eu

And should you win, don't forget that making a large donation to a deserving charity would greatly increase your positive 'karma'.


To preserve your good luck, it is only fair that you should register the program if you have a reasonable win. Registration is only £25 payable by cheque to the address you will find on the website.

A.G. Fox
Les Mousseaux, France
October 2009


'No Frills' To Do Program


'ToDo' is the sort of program you've always wanted.  It just does 'what it says on the tin'.  This simple program is extremely useful for creating, saving and printing lists of items for jobs, or for shopping.  It only uses two lists: TASKS and SHOPPING.  But you don't have to mess around choosing where to save your files, or what to call them.  The program does all this for you.  

You can erase the files completely.  You can simply check the items when you have done the task and click on 'Update' and it's all done for you.

A wonderfully simple program.  There should be more like this.

To download:  RIGHT CLICK  on  TODO program. and then follow instructions to download and save the file.

For Emergence Basic Users:   Download the source code HERE

EMERGENCE BASIC... the best visual basic language available anywhere!  Superb after sales support.  Makes tight, small stand-alone executables.

Why not download it and give it a try?


Click on the picture above to download the French characters tool bar

French Characters


Saucy French Letter Editor Version 2.01

Complete new version with example letters and improved performance.

Download NOW  (Right Click on one of these links.)  File size 271k

'Saucy French Letter Writer' enables you to overcome the headache of typing a letter or other document in French when you don't have a French keyboard.  With 'Saucy French Editor', all the French characters are in a simple table across the bottom of the program screen.

A single click and the character is entered on the page at the cursor.  You can also select a formal or informal French ending for your letters and have access to a range of useful phrases you might use in a letter.

From the Menu you can select one of a wide range of example letters which you can modify to suit your own job application, hotel booking, or complaint about service etc. 

When you've finished you can save your document ready for printing or loading into your favourite Word Processor or you can view it in Notepad from which you can do a quick print..   A breeze for anyone who needs to type letters  in French occasionally, or regularly. 

Instructions:  Download the 'FrenchEditor.exe' file by RIGHT CLICKING on the links above.  Then run this file and the program will be automatically installed on your computer.

¡Hola! Spanish Character Editor Version 1.00

Download NOW by right clicking on this link

It's often difficult to find the foreign characters you need when typing with an English keyboard.  This little program saves a lot of time by providing the main characters for you at the top of the page.  All you have to do, is click on a character to enter it in the editor as you type.

As well as the normal Spanish characters, two letter endings are provided, one formal and one informal.   There is also the euro symbol, and a few amusing phrases.  If you contact the author of this software at : holidays@loire-gites.eu you can ask for a version of the program with alternative 'automatic' phrases.

Once you have finished writing your letter or document, you can save it (it will be saved as a text file in the program directory, depending where you installed it) or you can switch to Notepad or Word to print it, or to do more work on formatting.

Les Mousseaux Software, Les Mousseaux, 4940 Breil

http://www.loire-gites.eu  and http://www.loire-gites.co.uk


 Chaucer's Wife of Bath Study Guide


Wife Of  Bath program image

This program should provide an indispensable guide to anyone studying Chaucer's 'Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale' for advanced level or below.   It has a wealth of notes on themes, characterisation, style and background, as well as a vast number of  quotations from the tale which can be studied and used in essays.   Each note section is accompanied by in context questions which can be answered in sequence or randomised to make it more difficult.

IN the question menu, you can choose between true and false, multiple choice and essay questions.  There is also immediate access to editing text and copying the text from the program on to the clipboard for your own writing and essay work.

Far easier and direct than sorting through the morass of material, some good, some very bad, on the Internet, you can use this program on any computer, and you don't need to be on line.  

It is a small program, completely self-contained and less than 1 mb, so you can easily pop it on any disk to use on any computer.

As this is still a 'beta' version, and has not been rigorously tested,  please let me know if you encounter any problems by emailing me on :

Mousseaux Software.


The program enables you to make simple lists as in the example above.  The downloadable program is set up for a diary list, beekeeping diary, garden list, phone list, shopping list and todo list. If you would like a custom made version of this program contact me and I will insert your own lists with an appropriate picture, if you supply the jpg graphics.

Try it out, and if you like it, get in touch.


This useful little database enables you to keep tabs on the seeds you sow and how the plants subsequently grow. You can mark the sowing, germination and harvest dates from drop down calendar controls, and keep detailed notes in the notepane below.   Search for a record by both its seed name or by its number.  The Menu gives you access to more simple facilities like Export to a delimited file which can be easily loaded into a spreadsheet for use in another programme or database.  While import facilities are a bit clumsy at present, you can do so fairly easily.